April 12, 2023

Member Spotlight: AmpliFund


AmpliFund was established in 2008. What’s interesting about AmpliFund is that most people don’t know is their founder and president was actually a grants professional before becoming a business owner. He started AmpliFund because he knew there was a serious need in the market for a flexible, web-based solution that could successfully track the myriad of grants available to our clients.

A fun fact about AmpliFund is they have an unusual number of musicians who work for them. Many are part of bands that perform regularly. “Even though I’m not in a band, I play the drums and guitar — but mostly just around the campfire for my kids,” said Ryan Smithson, Account Executive, AmpliFund.

AmpliFund offers the only purpose-built, end-to-end software on the market specifically designed for both grantees and grantors to capture their application/award process, streamline communications, and capture post-award performance data such as KPI dashboards and custom reporting. They set the bar, because their founder and president came from the industry, and he successfully drove the vision for their developers to create something truly all-encompassing in the space.

“The Chamber offers a ton of networking opportunities for both new and established businesses in the area. Even though my company is based in Cleveland, I cover all of NY for them, so I feel almost like I’m running a solo operation to build my book of business and I appreciate being plugged into a network in such a small state capital. So much business happens here with state and local governments, and the Chamber is a great way to meet key decision-makers who may be harder to reach by phone or email. Having this network also allows me to connect with other business leaders and build my reputation by helping my prospects find success—even if that doesn’t mean a deal for me and instead means referring them to someone else in my (now growing) network who can help in ways I can’t,” said Ryan Smithson, Account Executive, AmpliFund.

“My favorite part about living/working in the Capital Region is the seasons! It’s always changing, and we learn to appreciate the good in all weather (or I do anyway). I also love how accessible NYC and Boston are, but we still have such a Small-bany feel here, with tons of outdoor activities, cultural events, history, and an overall supportive community,” said Ryan.

The best thing a client has ever said about our products/service is, “This is exactly what we’ve needed here. I wish you called me even earlier!”