October 24, 2019

Member Spotlight: Alaant Workforce Solutions

Alaant team celebrating National Hug Your Boss Day

Alaant Workforce Solutions was founded by Managing Partner Miriam Dushane in 2006. Originally known as Linium Recruiting, the company rebranded as Alaant in 2018, in recognition of its heightened capabilities and expanded services that enable employers to attract, acquire, engage and retain premier employees.

Most people are surprised to learn about Alaant’s diversity, in the positions we fill, the industries we serve, and the services we offer. We help people find jobs, and companies find employees, in roles that range from administrative to professional to executive, and in industries from IT, health care and high tech to accounting, finance and marketing, among others. And, in addition to recruiting, we provide expertise in helping companies create Employer Brand Strategies, build Talent Acquisition Partnerships, and develop work environments that engage employees, increase retention, and drive performance.

We begin every staff meeting with an icebreaker question (“What is your biggest fear?” “What is your favorite breakfast food?”). It’s a great way to get the conversation started, and it also helps employees connect with each other in a fun way, and in the process, build relationships that support teamwork and collegiality.

We also celebrate each employee’s birthday with lunch and a fun game of trivia about that person. The questions relate to the date/year they were born (“What was the #1 hit song?” “How much did gas cost?”) and to them as a person (“Where did you meet your spouse?” “Are you older or younger than a certain celebrity?”). Again, it’s a fun way to get to know your co-workers and it contributes to a more engaged and productive team.

We are committed to always doing the right thing over making a profit. At Alaant, profit is not the ultimate gauge of success. Rather, it is our ability to help people find great opportunities, and to help companies find great people.

We are passionate about what we do: connecting candidates with jobs they’ll love, and companies with great employees to help achieve their goals. We refuse to take shortcuts, lower our expectations, or give less than our best effort. Sometimes, that means going above and beyond to do the job right. We continually strive for excellence and use every resource at our disposal to ensure we deliver what our clients need. In the long run, we know that exceeding our clients’ expectations is good for our business.

We are fortunate to have the Capital Region Chamber working on behalf of our business community, and our active participation has been a huge help to Alaant. We have benefited from a host of programs and services, from the Women’s Business Council (which has honored Miriam Dushane as a Woman of Excellence), to seminars and workshops on business development and keys to success, to Chamber-wide events that offer big-picture perspectives on timely issues and opportunities. We have also taken advantage of many networking opportunities, and made business connections with the Chamber’s assistance, both of which have been essential in growing our business.

It is exciting to see the incredible variety of businesses in the Capital Region, and to have the chance to help them promote the great things they’re doing and the incredible opportunities they offer to build exceptional careers. From finance and health care, to IT and technology, to education and government, and so much more, the diversity of our region’s economy is a great asset and something Alaant is proud to be a part of, and provide service to.

Companies often thank us for keeping their best interests first and foremost. They appreciate that we are not in business simply to make a fee, but rather to advocate for the best position or best person for the job. We are also gratified when clients tell us the process is much smoother than they had expected, and that we were able to exceed their expectations.