April 30, 2021

May is Mental Health Awareness Month


Staying healthy means taking care of yourself. That’s true for physical health, and it’s especially true for mental health. It’s easy to tell when something is physically wrong, but mental health warning signs can be harder to see. Thousands struggle everyday with their mental health, and we want to say that it’s okay to talk about it- we’re listening.

Our programs at Northern Rivers help 18,000 children, adults, and families with their mental health each year. From helping children recover from traumatic experiences, to helping students regulate in the classroom, to helping parents who are struggling to provide in the home, and adults living with severe mental illness.

Lots of us workout to improve our physical health. This month, we’re challenging you to start working out to improve your mental health. We’ve got a slate of fun, challenging activities that will stretch your mental muscles.

All coming in May!