September 23, 2019

Maria College Professor David Hoffman Publishes Commentary on Alzheimers Caregivers

Dr. David Hoffman of Maria College has published a commentary article in the peer reviewed open source journal Ageing Science and Mental Health Studies. The article, published in Volume 3, Issue 3 of the journal is entitled: “Public Health Responding to the Epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease” and is available to scholars and the public online.

Dr. Hoffman is the Director of Maria College’s Healthcare Management Program and holds the position of Associate Professor, Ethics and Health Policy. He came to Maria after a distinguished career in public health working for New York State’s Department of Health. Dr. Hoffman is a nationally recognized expert on public health systems and best practice processes to address chronic diseases.

“We are always pleased when our faculty members are able to publish their research and opinions in peer-reviewed journals,” said Anne Jung, PhD, Dean of Maria College. “Dr. Hoffman brings his expertise and experience to Maria College’s Healthcare Management program in the classroom and in working with students. His work on public health systems influences major decision-makers here in New York and across the country.”

The article highlights the need for public health systems and providers to recognize and address the needs of caregivers who are taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Often times the health and well-being of the caregiver suffers from the stress and difficulties involved in their role. Dr. Hoffman is advocating for health providers and systems to address these challenges. “We know that caregivers with knowledge, access to support systems, ability to engage socially, and resources to make healthy choices live healthier and more fulfilling lives,” he writes. “Today my call is for a systemic approach to address the health of vulnerable members of society who require care and the integral informal caregivers who attempt to address these needs in every community across the country.”

The article can be found, free of charge, at:

Ageing Science & Mental Health Studies (ASMHS) is a journal that serves as an international open access platform covering theoretical, experimental and applied sciences across a range of issues affecting mental health and aging; relationship between the aging process and psychological health.