September 12, 2019

LifePath formerly known as Senior Services of Albany has RE-BRANDed!

LifePath (formerly known as Senior Services of Albany is proud to announce, we have RE-BRANDed! Aging happens to all of us; we are all on this path of life, we will now be known as LifePath (formerly Senior Services of Albany).

Why are we rebranding?
Society has altered the way we think about aging, so to remain relevant we have been expanding the kinds of programs that we provide to the Capital Region. Our new name and new logo are meant to reflect the changing world around us.

What is different?
Our organization has grown far beyond just providing senior services, into an organization specializing in helping people manage the various transitions we all experience as we get older…from looking at in-home care, to connecting adult children with resources in law, finance, and health; to working with families and helping them make informed decisions that best fit their lifestyle. We also wanted to remove the word Albany, to eliminate the perception that we are only an Albany City organization.

What is the same?
We will continue to provide our core flagship services, such as Community Dining, Meals on Wheels, and Social Adult Day Programs, as well as Health and Wellness programs; ensuring that we remain the leader in the Capital Region on the path to aging well.