July 28, 2020

Legacy Clock Schenectady Rotary’s Gift to Schenectady

A “Street Clock” was recently installed near the pedestrian overpass on Erie Boulevard. The site will soon feature a walkway connecting the Harbor District to Jay Street (Little Italy) from Erie Boulevard.

The clock was gifted to the City of Schenectady by the Schenectady Rotary Club in celebration of the club’s 100th Anniversary. It will eventually be inscribed with the names of individuals, families, organizations and businesses as a lasting legacy.

The participation fee for each inscription (up to 25 characters including spaces) is $250. The donation is tax deductible. Space is limited to a total of 100 inscriptions. Checks should be made to Schenectady Rotary Clock Fund and mailed to: Schenectady Rotary Foundation, Attn: Jim Hurley, PO Box 346, Schenectady, NY 12301.

Interested parties may request an application through the Schenectady Rotary’s Web Site: