July 30, 2015

Join #MilesOfSmiles in Downtown Schenectady

Picture over 1,000 people lined up for a mile in Downtown Schenectady. Come celebrate all of the positive things going on in the community and spread your smile a mile wide! Miles of Smiles will take place on Wednesday, August 12 on State Street in Downtown Schenectady at 10:30 a.m. Pick a spot on the north side of State Street anywhere from MVP to Washintgon Avenue. The Smile Cam will come down the street at 11 a.m. Show your Schenectady pride and cheer as the fire trucks and cameras make their way down State Street! Make a sign or banner, design a shirt to represent your neighborhood or business, maybe create smiley faces out of things you find around your house, show off your business’ logo or even paint your face. Get creative and have fun!

Like Miles of Smiles on Facebook at, follow them on Twitter @SmilesOnState, and tag them in a post with #SchenectadySmiles to show your Schenectady pride!

The streets will not be closed so be careful of traffic. Stay on the sidewalk and don’t wander into the streets. Parking is available at all LAZ locations. For more information on parking, visit