May 26, 2015

Invention Convention 2015 Reception & Awards Ceremony Held at miSci May 21

resized Invention Conventino 2015 25 Finalists 052115Photo Caption:

A reception and awards ceremony for Invention Convention 2015 was held May 21 at miSci, the Museum of Innovation and Science, during which 100 student inventors were celebrated as semi-finalists, and 25 students were announced as finalists; the finalists are pictured here with the event’s guest speaker General Electric (GE) Optical Engineer Mark Cheverton and representatives from some of the event’s sponsors: Matt Brockbank, Quirky; Peter Dorgan, M&T Bank; Susan Farley, Heslin, Rothenberg, Farley & Mesiti; Tobi Saulnier, 1st Playable Productions; Ricki Shapiro, GE; Benny Smith, Price Chopper. The honored inventors were chosen from more than 1,174 submissions from 41. Photo credit and submission by miSci.


2015 Invention Convention Finalists

Student First name Student Last Name School Name Invention Title
Mack Morley Brown School The Beeper Faucet
Marissa Gardella Cairo Durham Elementary The Taco Topper Ferris Wheel
Veronica Stack St. Mary’s School of Waterford Easily Made Low Voltage Battery

For Third World Use

Sydney Swedish St. Mary’s School of Waterford Eco Cup
Kaida Brown North Warren Central School Diemond
Frankie DeCrescenzo Ballard Elementary Velcro Blanket
Otis McCarthy Ballard Elementary Flea Meds Brush
Rori Novack Ballard Elementary The Happy Crab
Brian Miller St. Mary’s School of Waterford 2 in 1 Pro Scissors
Emily Powers Granville Central School Desk Organizer
Jacob Riberdy St. Mary’s School of Waterford Fresh Water Dog Dish
Charles Barnett Brown School Tipless Food Bowl
Jenna Lester Draper Middle School Massaging Jacket
Katie Roche Acadia Middle School Booklight Glasses
Lauren Davis Oliver W. Winch Middle School Pet Steps
Ashley Shields Acadia Middle School Ice Tape
Caitlin Doyle Ballston Spa Middle School Get a Grip! String Instruments

Bow Grip Caps

Quinn Toomey Berne-Knox-Westerlo Central School District Puzzle Table
Cerenity Sedgwick Scotia-Glenville Middle School Carababy-alarm
Katie Gargano Acadia Middle School Got Mail!
Bryan Burke Brown School Inst-Tune Cello
Lauren Willis Oliver W. Winch Middle School Adjustable Brush Extender
Matthew Van Dusen Acadia Middle School Page Pedal
Christian Paris Oliver W. Winch Middle School Eco Friendly Pizza Box
Elonne Pisacane Oliver W. Winch Middle School Radar Gloves