November 20, 2020

Expex, Inc. Releases Redesigned Website and Enhanced Service Offerings

Anthony LombardoExpex, Inc., a Schenectady based tech start-up, is pleased to announce the release of their newly enhanced website.  The website presents a focus on virtual bookkeeping and the benefits of utilizing their bookkeeping application to perform financial transactions in a safe and secure environment.

“Expex has developed Carly, a bookkeeping application that automates tasks like paying bills and managing cash. Most small business owners don’t like doing their bookkeeping, so we built Carly to do it for you,” said Tony Lombardo, Founder and President of Expex.

Tony and his technical team developed Carly, an automated bookkeeping application that can learn how to process transactions for you, notify you when there are things you need to do, and give you insights into your finances. Expex always has one of their US-based accountants overseeing the work Carly does. Carly is the last bookkeeper you will ever hire and, as such, performs daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping tasks.

Expex and Carly are integrated with QuickBooks Online. Expex delivers a unique solution that combines automation and human oversight to bring you the best of both worlds. Processing tens of thousands of bank transactions a month, dispensing electronic bill payments, and keeping small to medium-sized businesses financially healthy.