April 15, 2021

Capital Region Unveils Brand & Talent Attraction Campaign

The Center for Economic Growth (CEG) and Alliance for the Creative Economy (ACE) partnered to develop a brand and tagline to help create an identity for the region, celebrate pride of place, and attract new residents and talent.

The new brand, CapNY, and the tagline “Capable of Anything,” are a culmination of work between CEG and ACE, as well as local agencies Collectiveffort, Fingerpaint, and Overit. The branding work led by ACE informed the talent attraction campaign, which is spearheaded by CEG. A new website developed by ACE for CEG, and its associated social media channels will act as key modes of communication to interact with the brand; they also serve as primary platforms to market the region for talent attraction.

The idea to create a brand came from ACE’s early conversations among the region’s creative and business communities and the fact that the region did not have a way to talk about itself, or to the world. The eight counties that make up the Capital Region–Albany, Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Warren, and Washington–offer unique and attractive attributes that should be showcased. The brand provides a way to tell a cohesive story about the region and communicate its values.

By branding and marketing the eight counties that make up CapNY as a whole, as having more than 1 million residents cumulatively, we are positioning the region as a Top 50 player “metro region” with distinct competitive advantages.

The talent attraction campaign focuses on Millennials and Gen Z, who are the most mobile generations and make up more than half of the US population. The campaign will collaborate across industry sectors and organizations to attract and retain talented diverse people who want to live here because of its lifestyle and opportunity: vibrant urban centers, affordability, educated workforce, cultural assets, recreation, creative businesses, innovation, and proximity to major international cities.

CEG and ACE believes that developing a brand that encompasses 1 million residents, 24 higher education institutions, affordability, culture, and the unique lifestyle of the Capital Region, will gain the attention of the millions people who live within 180 miles outside of Albany.

“The CapNY campaign was homegrown by champions of the Capital Region,” said Maureen Sager, Executive Director of ACE and Lead Consultant of the CapNY Initiative. “Collectiveffort, Fingerpaint, and Overit, gave their time and industry-leading expertise to help develop the brand elements. Dozens of young writers and photographers contributed their talents and vision. Everyone who built the site cares, has a deep pride of place, and we’re proud to say that it shows in the finished product.”

“Three agencies coming together to do any kind of work is rather unique, but it speaks to the core of this region,” said Patrick Harris, Jr., President, Collectiveffort. “I feel the majority of us are actively building a culture where people and our collective growth/well-being is a priority. It’s an opportunity to do life differently, and we aren’t taking it lightly.”

“We all want to see the Capital Region grow; grow in knowledge, talent, and creativity,” said John D. Bennett, MD, President and CEO of CDPHP, campaign investor, and CEG Board Chair. “This campaign will help us attract the right people for the job, while highlighting the wonderful opportunities that already exist.” added Bennett.

“CapNY shows young professionals their direct role in writing the Capital Region’s next chapter,” said Matt Markham, Vice President for Communications at Albany Med, which is also a campaign investor. “As someone who first came to the area in his 20s, I understand the tremendous value CapNY offers others discerning a move. We look forward to integrating CapNY into our own recruitment materials and would encourage other businesses to do the same. Thousands of people bring their distinct talents together to achieve Albany Med’s mission and, in the same way, we are proud to join area organizations in promoting a sense of pride for our home and purpose and belonging for those we look to welcome.”

“The Capital Region is an exciting and thriving place to live and work, and it’s time we celebrate all that this region has to offer,” said Ellen Sax, MVP Health Care’s Vice President of Community Engagement. “This campaign, which highlights the region’s countless opportunities for millennials and Gen Z, will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the area’s economy and ability to attract and retain talented and creative individuals to our community. MVP is extremely proud to support and be a part of this initiative.”

There is a nationwide trend of Millennials and Gen Z leaving high-cost cities for more affordable midsize markets, which began before the pandemic, and has since accelerated. The talent campaign will target individuals in Boston and NYC through social media placements to raise awareness and compel individuals to explore a life and career in CapNY. Furthermore, it will seek to increase the availability of highly skilled talent within our growth industries, help diversify talent, retain local graduates, and provide local businesses with tools to help recruit new employees.

The brand development and talent attraction campaign was made possible through investors who believe in our region, without whom, this effort would not be possible.

The local investors are: Albany Medical Center, Berkshire Bank, CAP COM Federal Credit Union, Capital Region Chamber, CDPHP, CDTA, Chet Opalka, Ellis Medicine, Fenimore Asset Management, Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management, Graypoint, Key Bank, MVP Health Care, National Grid, Nigro Companies, Nordlys Foundation, Pinnacle Human Resources, Price Chopper/Market 32, Regeneron, Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce, Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady, Rosenblum Companies, St. Peter’s Health Partners, Stewart’s Shops, Thompson & Johnson Equipment Co., Tri City Rentals, Vicarious Visions at Blizzard Entertainment.