August 27, 2020

Capital Region Chamber and Guilderland Chamber of Commerce issue joint statement supporting the Town of Guilderland Planning Board’s Decision to adopt the State Environmental Quality Review Findings Statement for the Rapp Road Residential/Western Avenue Mixed Use Redevelopment Projects

The following statement can be attributed to the Capital Region Chamber and the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce:

“On behalf of the business community in Guilderland and the Capital Region, we wholeheartedly support the development project that will bring the region’s first Costco and mixed-use development to Guilderland.

At a time when the economy is challenged, we applaud the Town of Guilderland and its Planning Board for reviewing and approving these projects over the past year. Upon opening, the development will generate significant tax revenue, hundreds of jobs and new property tax revenue.

Crossgates is an economic engine for our region and this will help make it stronger.”