June 9, 2020

Bergmann Forms Multi-disciplinary Team to Design Safe, Adaptive Business Environments

Bergmann has formed a multi-disciplinary resilient design team to assist organizations with creating safe and flexible spaces. The group helps clients reconfigure business spaces both in response to regulations put in place due to the COVID-19 crisis and the need to prepare facilities to withstand disruptive events in the future.

“We think about adapting and redesigning spaces from two perspectives. The first is with people in mind, seeking to ensure that employees and customers feel comfortable and confident about the day-to-day health and safety of the workplace,” says Andrew Raus, Senior Vice President Bergmann. “Secondly, we think of workspaces and the building itself as an ecosystem constantly needing to evolve in response to a range of factors and variables, which calls for a focus on resilience in the design process.”

The team is comprised of experts in areas such as interior design, architecture, mechanical engineering, and environmental health and safety, and clean room protocols. Together, they look holistically at business spaces to adapt and create environments that support the needs of employees while delivering on business goals.

Their work typically begins by conducting a comprehensive audit that reviews factors such as existing floor plans, HVAC systems, workspace and office configurations, as well as the company’s business operations, culture and human use of the space. Comprehensive recommendations are then provided on a range of aspects from redirecting the movement of people to facilitate social distancing to strategies for mitigating air quality risks through enhancements to the HVAC system.

“By applying universal design principles and engineering practices, our goal is to create environments that are inclusive of all people and uses, and that are designed to react and adapt to unplanned circumstances that a company might face down the road,” says Raus. “Through good design and planning, we can help our clients efficiently respond to unknown risks, maintain their operations and keep employees safe.”

Bergmann offers specialized and tailored planning services to meet the unique needs of clients across multiple vertical markets including corporate and office, education, hospitality, and retail.