August 10, 2015

Bank of America grants $5,000 to Colonie Senior Service Centers’ Transportation Services

Transportation Services, a program of Colonie Senior Service Centers (CSSC), has received a generous grant of $5,000 from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation to help support the program’s expenses.

 This past year, Transportation Services has provided more than 20,000 rides and are currently experiencing days when trips meet or exceed 100 each day.  The grant provided by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation will allow Colonie Senior Service Centers to cover expenses for anticipated program growth, rides for the elderly and disabled, and rising insurance costs incurred.

The Transportation Services of Colonie Senior Service Centers enables the elderly and the disabled residents of Colonie a way to get to medical appointments, social activities, and any other errands such as banking or grocery shopping.  Without this service, aging residents may find themselves stuck at home, unable to engage in the community and therefore becoming more isolated and bringing on more health problems.