June 13, 2019

Advocacy Win!

Last week, the Albany County Legislature defeated the paid sick leave proposal by a vote of 21-17. As you know, the Chamber led the effort in opposing this costly government mandate. This proposal would have required employers (for-profit and nonprofit) to provide paid sick leave to their employees. It would have covered full-time or part-time employees working within Albany County for more than 80 hours in a calendar year, regardless of where their employers are based. To be clear, the Chamber supports employer provided paid leave benefits. However, we are opposed to costly government mandated paid leave benefits. Due in large part the Chamber’s yearlong advocacy effort, we were able to convince a majority of Albany County Legislators that this proposal would have a negative impact on taxpayers, consumers and the employer community, particularly our small family owned businesses and nonprofits.  Thank you to the Albany County Legislators that voted against the proposal: Democrats Robert Beston, Charles Cahill Jr., Frank Commisso Sr., Victoria Plotsky, Charles Dawson, Gil Ethier, Dennis Feeney, David Mayo, John Franier, Chris Smith, and Sean Ward; and Republicans Paul Burgdorf, Peter Crouse, Todd Drake, Mark Grimm, Brian Hogan, Patrice Lockart, Frank Mauriello, Richard Mendick, Travis Stevens and Peter Tunny. And a big thank you to our valued members! We could not have won this fight without you. Because of you our voice is strong.