January 10, 2019

61 Pilots Administered by Metroplex Generated $15.4 million in Revenue for Local Governments in Schenectady County in 2018

The Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority today provided its annual update on Payment in Lieu of Tax (Pilot) agreements. In 2018, 61 Pilot agreements generated $15.4 million for local governments and school districts in Schenectady County.

“We are pleased to provide this annual Pilot report,” said Ray Gillen, Metroplex Chair. “Our economic development team in Schenectady County continues to create new tax base. We are especially proud of the projects that replaced vacant buildings and blighted sites with new jobs and new tax revenue.”

Gillen noted that 55 of the 61 Pilots involve projects built at sites that paid little or no taxes prior to the economic development project taking place.