February 20, 2019

Member Spotlight: 3 Rings PTS, LLC

Duane Potter

After spending several years in security management and learning the business inside and out, Duane Potter decided to take on the challenge of opening his own business, 3 Rings Protection and Training Services. Both Duane and his business partner, Scott, have a military background and extensive experience in the industry.

Duane is a former Marine and Martial Arts instructor and has a background in security and protection services. Scott is presently in the Air National Guard and has also served actively in the US Army.

3 Rings Protection and Training Services is based on their concentric rings of security. The outer ring consists of surveillance and counter-surveillance of your person or property and areas of operation to and from work, as well as route planning. The middle ring, or the “25 foot ring”, consists of mainly crowd control, building, and resident spaces within the fences or outer security areas. The final ring, or the “inner ring”, consists of up-close and personal protection – whether it’s an armed and well-trained driver, asset courier, or escort to and from special events, residences, or venues. This ring is designed to provide the peace of mind and security you can see and rely on. This type of security is not just protection from what could be attacks or harassers, but also- security for any type of medical conditions the client may have.

At 3 Rings Protection and Training Services, they provide their customers with knowledgeable personnel that have backgrounds in military, police and security. They pride themselves on providing top-notch security officers and great customer service.

3 Rings Protection and Training Services can be reached at 518-225-3283 or at