Comprehensive Curriculum

Entrepreneur Boot Camp covers the skills needed to start and grow a business. Below is an overview of what participants can expect at each class session. Note: Curriculum is subject to change.

Class 1
Introduction to entrepreneurship
Understanding a business plan

Class 2
Business vision and mission statement

Class 3
Business plan elements
Negotiating leases

Class 4
Financing your business
Small Business Administration
A simple guide to your financial statements
Accounting panel

Class 5
Legal issues

Class 6
The numbers make me anxious
Technical assistance for writing business plan financials

Class 7
Market research

Class 8
Introduction to grand prize sponsor
Diversity training
Business etiquette

Class 9
Public relations

Class 10
Human resources panel
Web marketing panel
Search engine optimization
Social media
Internet marketing

Class 11
Successful entrepreneurs speak about:
– Trademarks
– Customer service
– Retention
– Expansion
– Branding
– Exit strategy
… and more!

Class 12
Business plan financials final review and private consultations
Business insurance
How to create effective database content

Class 13
Speaking like you mean business
Making a great presentation to the Entrepreneur Boot Camp Business Plan Competition panel of judges

Class 14
Lemonade Stories: Inspiring Entrepreneurs & the Mothers Who Made Them
Finalize financials
Speed networking

Class 15
Business plan presentations

Class 16
Winners of Business Plan Competition announced

Registration for the program is $550. Attendance and punctuality are extremely important to participant’s success in this program and is consideration in the selection of a final business plan competition winner. Register today!