March 9, 2018

Free Webinar on Cybersecurity and Compliance Offered for Boards of Directors

On Thursday, March 15th, a free webinar will be offered for Boards of Directors to help them address one of the greatest challenges they currently face: cybersecurity. Albany attorney Kurt Bratten, of O’Connell and Aronowitz will join GreyCastle Security CEO Reg Harnish for “Boards of Directors Cybersecurity and Compliance: Are You Asking the Right Questions?” The program, which begins at 2:00, aims to heighten awareness and offer practical advice on how to evaluate and address cybersecurity risks from a boards’ perspective.

Non-profits and individuals who sit on boards will benefit from the insight of cybersecurity and compliance gurus GreyCastle Security and O’Connell & Aronowitz receiving valuable takeaways to help in verifying that their organizations are as secure as possible. Attendees will learn:

* legal obligations and consequences as a board member;
* proactive strategies to be protected from civil penalties while meeting legal duties;
* proper questions to ask your organization’s staff.

All registrants and attendees will receive the recording and slides. This webinar is for board members only. Registration is available here.