Leadership Tech Valley Class Project

The Capital Region Chamber’s Leadership Tech Valley Class of 2020 is pleased to announce its class project, Sensory Pathways to Success, an initiative to benefit the youth served by Northern Rivers Family of Services.

Northern Rivers provides life-changing care to more than 18,000 children, adults, and families annually who are affected by abuse, trauma, and neglect; and struggle with emotional, behavioral, and learning disorders. Through behavioral health clinics, special education schools, residential; foster care, and community-based services, Northern Rivers gives children, adults, and families the chance to live the lives they deserve.

Focusing at school for hours on end can be difficult for any child, especially for students with mental health challenges. To address this need, the LTV Class of 2020 is raising funds to purchase and install professionally-designed sensory paths in the hallways of Northern Rivers’ Early Learning Center, School at Northeast, and the Neil Hellman School.

LTV class members will roll up their sleeves to transform one hallway in each special education school into a colorful and interactive pathway that will encourage students to do things like hop, jump, spin, balance and push. These physical activities will help students struggling with behavioral issues, anxiety, ADHD, and other mental health challenges refocus their excess energy, regulate their emotions, and return to class with a better mindset.

We ask that you please consider making a financial donation to the Sensory Pathways to Success project. Your contribution will have a lasting impact on more than 400 students who attend Northern Rivers’ special education schools from 50+ school districts each year. Your support will help every student who walks through the door achieve academic and personal success for many years to come.

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