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What You Didn’t Learn in Law School Impacts Your Ability to Attract Clients

Denise Horan - Principal | Integrated Management & Sales Consulting

Do you need to attract clients to your legal practice? Unless you have too many clients, you have a marketing problem. Consider the following evidence:

  • Law schools do not teach marketing. You gained a wealth of knowledge as a law student except how to market that expertise to gain clients. While you’re a legal expert, you’re probably clueless about business development.
  • Law firms expect lawyers to bring in new clients. You prove your worth, in part, by bringing in new business. How-to advice from well-meaning colleagues ranges from “do great legal work” to “build relationships on the golf course.”
  • Partnership requires you to be a “rainmaker.” Building a sizeable book of business fast tracks you for partnership. Rainmaking that sets you on the partnership path requires critical business development skills.

Learning business development skills starts with mindset: You must feel comfortable marketing yourself. Consultants and coaches can help cultivate this mindset. They can also assist with branding messages, marketing plans and selling strategies.

As a result, the business development skills you gain will enable you to:

  • Choose the best ways to market yourself. Options include traditional marketing, media marketing and advertising, online marketing and social media.
  • Develop your personal business development plan. Establish revenue goals, a goal-oriented activity plan and a review schedule to keep you on track.
  • Transform yourself into a brand that attracts clients and grows revenue.

Attracting clients to your legal practice requires a commitment to building business development skills. A coach can help an attorney analyze their personal style, assess the right way to promote their practice, and help plan an execution strategy for their personal marketing plan. When you make that commitment, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge and skills needed to market you and your practice!