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Push the Easy Button

Michael Holtzman - President | Gavant Software

Today, businesses have many advantages when opting to use custom Web applications. A web application is internet-based software that simplifies and improves workflow.

Unique applications can be used internally or externally for employees and customers alike. Web
applications are designed to:

Streamline tasks – Combine your current multi-step processes into a simple and automated solution. This eliminates sifting through files, folders, postits, spreadsheets and documents.

Centralize information – Allow for instant access of stored data in a secure and electronic format. This eliminates creating spreadsheets, duplication of processes and prolonged turnover time.

Improve communication – Enable employees to collaborate, cross-train and share information. This, in turn, will increase customer satisfaction as the customer can access information and assistance as it is readily available, thus eliminating phone calls, emails, meetings and costly customer service.

Facilitate customization – Assist people or perform nearly any task in any type of organization. In fact, a business doesn’t need an IT department to utilize or maintain an application. Editing the application is easy and should always fit your needs. This eliminates non-functional Web sites and countless hours of error-prone manual work. There are numerous advantages, cost savings and new opportunities to explore via Web applications.

Though the process may be different from what you are used to, once you make the switch you won’t know how you operated without it.