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Seven Tips to Advance Your Career

Annette Parisi - Assistant Director for Employer Relations | Siena College
As you contemplate your career, where do you hope to be in five years? Three years? Next year? When you are satisfied with your current position, it can sometimes be easy to get complacent. However, humans are, by nature, geared towards growth. Sometimes that growth is more focused on our personal lives; other times on our professional lives. Below are some quick tips to help grow and advance the professional aspects of your life while you think about your long-term goals: 1. Learn wh

Job Vs. Career

Dr. Tom Denham - Managing Partner and Career Consultant | Careers In Transition, LLC
Having multiple careers is an ever increasing trend. The average American may have two, three or even five careers during their lifetime, but even more extensive array of jobs. In the world of work, the terms “job,” “occupation” and “career” are often used interchangeably. However, there are some major differences that need to be clarified. Job A job is a position with specific duties and responsibilities that are regularly performed in a particular place in exch

Planning the Good Retirement

John Allen - Retirement Transition Coach | Performance Matters, Inc.
Most people ease into retirement without much thought. But Jon Allen, a retirement transition coach, says that’s not always the best way to move into the golden years. “People plan for vacations,” says Allen, who is also an Albany-area management consultant and an executive coach. “Shouldn’t they plan their retirements too?” We asked Allen a few questions to learn what services are provided by retirement transition coaches, who focus on planning the non-financial aspects of re

Business Process Improvement Uncovers Gems

Ann Moynihan - President | Document Strategies, Inc.
A formal business process improvement (BPI) effort can help to integrate software tools, business processes and human capabilities, but many businesses jump directly to tool selection without looking first at their processes and people. Questions you need to ask include: :: Are processes documented and repeatable, or do we rely on cultural knowledge? :: If processes are documented, do our people actually follow them? :: Have our processes been reviewed for efficiency and effectiveness, or d

Everything I Know about Surviving the Recession I Learned from Tom Hanks

John Favalo - Managing Partner | Eric Mower and Associates (EMA)
While the business environment is considerably more difficult than usual, it could be worse; it could be a matter of survival. Consider Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" and what he faced as an overweight, citified American stranded on a deserted island. At EMA we created a Cast Away “lack-of-hope” scenario as an exercise for a client in the residential/commercial construction industry to brainstorm ideas for generating incremental revenue without spending incremental dollars. However, you needn

How to Plan a Smooth Business Succession

JulieAnn Calareso - Attorney at Law | Burke & Casserly, P.C.
Whether you are an employee, solo entrepreneur, or the owner of a business, estate planning and business succession documents can protect you, your family and your business. Many times a business owner gives no thought to the legal side of a business after its formation. However, ensuring that proper legal documents are in place can allow the business to grow and thrive, even if you can no longer work. The most basic document to have is a well drafted Power of Attorney, which can permit anoth

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