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Everything Is An Offer: A Tip from the World of Improv

Kat Koppett - Founder | Koppett + Company
For those of you who may not be familiar with the form, improv is the art of making stuff up. Improvisers work collaboratively to entertain diverse audiences by taking their suggestions and building stories, scenes, whole plays, in real time with no script or pre-planning. Sound scary? Perhaps. And it is what most of us do in one way or another every day. Increasingly, business professionals are recognizing how similar their tasks are to those of the improviser. As the world moves faster and

Marketing Aggressively … Now’s the Time

Cindy Hermann - Partner | Mogul Marketing
You’re good. Your company’s good. You’ve got great products. Now’s the time to let people know it. It is easy to stand out when half the world is afraid and hiding. Many businesses are thriving. People are going to less expensive restaurants that deliver wholesome, reassuring, value. People are going for therapy to help them cope with their 401k statements. People are going to classes to learn new skills and increase their marketability. Alternative energy is thriving. There is opport

Making the Pitch

Rebecca Eppelmann - The Troy Record
For many women – some of the most savvy consumers – it’s hard to believe that marketing affects how they shop. Female shoppers are often convinced that they buy products like deodorant, makeup, and even clothing based on price and previous experience – not because someone sitting in a corner office had them “figured out.” However, many studies point out that this independence in consumers is a fallacy. Even if you don’t have yourself figured out, companies devote a great deal of

Creating a Successful Image for Your Business

Susan Vellano - Director of Operations | Best Cleaners
Think about how you present yourself. This is most critical if you are a service business… and who isn’t in the service business? (If you have clients, you are in the service business) The impression you create in face-to-face contact must reflect your position in the market and create a market opportunity for your business every time you speak to others. People are seeking your credibility on the product or service you sell. Convincing others of your credibility requires two key elements:

Marketing Yourself

Denise Horan - Principal | Integrated Management & Sales Consulting
What is the importance of a personal marketing plan? What do you think about when you hear someone talking about his or her “marketing plan”? You probably are thinking they are talking about their company’s plan to promote their products and services. Have you ever considered that you may need your own personal marketing plan to promote “you”? During these uncertain economic times, it may be worth planning your own personal marketing strategy. If you are a business owner, work in

From Crisis Management to Controlled Management

Lisa Dunbar - Senior Project Associate | New Directions Consulting
I’ve heard it said many times by managers that “I work best under pressure,” or “I’m constantly being pulled into one crisis after another all day long.” The talk of crisis management for many leaves them exhilarated, excited and empowered by the unpredictable, feeling good at the end of the day that the problems of the moment are solved. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. The truth is, that as years go by, we develop consistent work habits, and because we are creatures that st

Safer Browsing for a Safer (and More Productive) Tomorrow

Brian Rubscha, CSSA - Network Engineer | SAGE Computer Associates
Rogue security software (also known as FAKE.AV) infections are on the rise. Writers of the malware have been able to spread their software from trusted sites like to social networking sites like Facebook. Currently no antivirus software protects against Rogue Security Software and different versions are being spread every day. To protect against these attacks let’s understand how browsing to a safe site such as can get you into the repair shop. The vast majority of attacks s

How the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is Changing International Business Practices

Patrick Hughes and Jeffrey Harfenist - Managing Directors | UHY Advisors
How much has changed in the past 10 years? A decade ago, athletes in many sports “juiced” with performance-enhancing drugs, many dot-coms inflated their valuations through “new metrics” and a certain large Texas-based energy company was a much-admired, high-flying company. When it came to doing business in almost all foreign countries, the practice of paying bribes – frequently justified as paying for access, consultations with ‘experts’ or streamlining the regulatory process

Gen Y: The Fuel That Drives the Engine

Michael Harrington - Director of New Training and Strategic Initiatives | New Directions Consulting
Privileged, altruistic, opportunistic, argumentative – just some of the words used by a room full of trainers to describe this newest workforce generation; and as a millennial, I more than likely possess some of those traits. However, as someone who was born on the cusp between Gen X and Gen Y, I feel as though I have a unique perspective that I share with only a few others. That perspective is the ability to relate to the motivations that drive the 18-28 +/- year old crowd, while also underst

Ten Important Responsibilities of an Executor

Kathleen Godfrey - President | Godfrey Financial Associates, Inc.
When a Last Will and Testament is drafted, one of the most important considerations is the naming of an Executor or Executrix. Presumably, the Executor or Executrix is well-known by the decedent. However, this person often has little knowledge of their responsibilities. While not an exhaustive list, below are 10 important responsibilities of an Executor or Executrix. 1. First Steps Locate and study the Last Will and Testament, along with any Codicils to the Will.

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