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Marketing Yourself

Denise Horan - Principal | Integrated Management & Sales Consulting

What is the importance of a personal marketing plan? What do you think about when you hear someone talking about his or her “marketing plan”? You probably are thinking they are talking about their company’s plan to promote their products and services.

Have you ever considered that you may need your own personal marketing plan to promote “you”?

During these uncertain economic times, it may be worth planning your own personal marketing strategy. If you are a business owner, work in the professional services, work in sales or just want to get ahead, consider a “personal marketing plan” or your own “visibility plan.”

What is a personal marketing plan and what should be included in the plan? A personal marketing plan is an extension of your goals. Most business professionals plan their goals but fail to plan their execution. A personal marketing plan can help you execute your plans and achieve your goals.

Your plan should include your goals, an assessment of your current position with respect to the competitive landscape, promotional avenues that reflect your personality and style, and a calendar of events.

What are the steps to preparing my personal marketing plan?


  • Identify your goals. List five business goals.
  • Assess your position. What challenges are you facing? Where do you shine?
  • Analyze your style. Are you comfortable promoting yourself? How?
  • Decide how best to promote yourself. Include networking events, public relations announcements, associations and boards, advertising and social media options.
  • Prepare to execute by planning all of your events and goals into a calendar.


Where should you network? How should you be visible? These are very good questions and differ by individual based on your strengths.

If you are outgoing and like to attend events, your plan should include targeted networking, involvement with an association and maybe even some TV advertising.

If you are shy and dread the thought of networking in a room of strangers, consider using social media networking options, writing articles or doing some public relations to make your achievements visible.

Let’s use an example to help with your planning: An attorney who is a little shy but does not mind attending events with other lawyers. She must bring in new clients to the firm in order to make it to the partner level. Her boss suggested networking events, but she doesn’t feel good about being in a room of strangers. What should she do?

This attorney’s personal plan may include the following:

  • Attend Bar Association events for referrals from other attorneys
  • Perform Pro Bono or charity work for visibility and referrals
  • Write articles for the Bar Association newsletters or chamber newsletters, sharing knowledge with readers
  • Create a full LinkedIn profile with social media networking –– alumni and business contacts
  • Conduct a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminar


Why is the personal marketing plan so important to your success? Your time is valuable. Use your time to be where your target market resides. It is so important to promote yourself within or outside of your organization to move forward in your career. The things you do in addition to your daily workload can be the key to your future. Your visibility defines you better. It shows others what type of a person you are. It helps people decide whether they want to do business with you, hire you or refer to you. It may also get you a promotion!