March 15, 2017

Portraz Selects Employee of the Month

Potratz Advertising ( has declared Sarah Borom, Accounting/Co-Op Manager and Media Buyer, employee of the month for March.

“Sarah always has a positive attitude and willingness to help others,” one of the managers voted, “She may be silent as a mouse in her office, but her teamwork and positive attitude comes across loud and clear.”

Many employees and management team members have seen her hard work and initiative as Borom has transitioned into a media buyer role – something she was previously not involved in. “She has been a big help in scheduling production spots and has taken this opportunity with open arms while still handling her regular responsibilities,” another manager wrote.

Sarah Borom has been working at Potratz for three years. For most of that time, she handled co-op submission for clients and accounting. Recently, Borom has been learning skills for a media buying role. Although it has been challenging, she has found it very interesting and fun. “Being employee of the month makes me proud and happy to see that my hard work didn’t go unnoticed,” Sarah states, “I’m very grateful for the learning opportunities here at Potratz.”