March 12, 2018

Foster Complex Opens 11 New Luxury Apartments

The Chamber along with local elected officials and local business owners were all excited about the unveiling of the Foster Complex. The Foster Complex is located in Downtown Schenectady on the corner of State Street and Lafayette. The building went through a complete overhaul and now provides all of the latest amenities. The apartments are sleek, modern and provide immense light and view of the city. The sizes of the apartments range from 750 square feet to 3,000 square feet. There is a total of 11 apartments as well as retail spaces located on the street level floor. Jeffrey Buell, the owner of Sequence Development, has really outdone himself on this project. It was stated that almost 1 million pounds of debris and building materials had been removed from the location before the renovation could start. It truly was a monstrous undertaking. If you get a chance to check out the facility you will certainly appreciate the hard work that went into it. I will leave you with a quote from our Chamber CEO, Mark Eagan, which sums up the project perfectly. “Sequence Development has reclaimed the grandeur of a classic building, while providing the latest amenities.”