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When Funding is Weak, Your Message of Mission Must be Strong – Strategies for Recruiting & Retention

September 28, 2017
8:00am - 10:00am

Presented by the Tech Valley Nonprofit Business Council of the Capital Region Chamber Foundation

Recruiting and retaining staff in the nonprofit sector is much more complex than one might think, and on several levels.  There may be staff with little or no knowledge or experience recruiting talent, managing employee issues, or executing strategies. Nonprofits may have little or no HR support. How do you write a job description when one role is doing three jobs?   How does the organization determine wages for combined roles?  How does the organization keep employees motivated without pay increases?  How many people can be hired when funding is inconsistent?  These are just some of the challenges we will be discussing related to recruiting and retaining staff in nonprofit organizations.

Instruction by:   Rose Miller, Pinnacle Human Resources, LLC



Capital Region Chamber
5 Computer Drive South Colonie , NY

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