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The State of Commuter Benefits

Trent Griffin-Braaf - President | Tech Valley Shuttle
If 80% of life is just showing up, what is your company doing to ensure your employees get where they need to go? Progressive employers, mostly on the coasts, have been using commuter benefits to help employees turn their post-tax expense into a pre-tax benefit. Companies are constantly looking for cost savings and automation to reduce expenses and ensure that they have a healthy, happy, and productive workforce. Business Leaders and HR teams are constantly thinking of creative solutions to s...

Why is Website Navigation So Important?

Karen C. Lombardo - Founder and President | Put Another Way LLC
Even the most robust and visually appealing websites can evoke frustration to visitors if they cannot navigate the content. The navigation is the foundation of your website. Easy and efficient navigation is a must when designing a website. The navigation is a roadmap to your website content and, ultimately, your brand. The navigation assists in steering the visitor through the site, making it easy and engaging. The longer the visitor will stay. Why should website navigation be the focal point...

Ransomware is Big Global Business

Rick Cobello - President | Global Cybersecurity Solutions, LLC
“The FBI reports that ransomware attacks were up 20% in 2020, and even more tellingly, ransom demands rose 225%. And, according to an annual report on global cybersecurity, there were a total of 304 million ransomware attacks in 2020, a 62% increase from a year prior.” The approach is straightforward: attackers target a company with malware which encrypts their data, then send a request for money, usually in the form of cryptocurrency. If  a company refuses to pay the ransom fee, their d...

4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Blogging

Karen C. Lombardo - Founder and President | Put Another Way LLC
Blogging can help promote a business, from increasing traffic to the website to engaging and converting new customers. Embracing the thought of blogging can be empowering. Writing about your company offers a unique way to communicate with your customers and prospects outside of or in conjunction with social media. There is a great deal of energy and influence that can be released when you embrace blogging. 4 ways businesses can benefit from blogging The benefits of blogging as an aid to he...

What is the Difference Between a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

Karen C. Lombardo - Founder and President | Put Another Way LLC
Our clients ask us almost every day to explain the difference between a domain name and web hosting. We understand it can be confusing for a start-up company already overwhelmed with the process of launching their new business. What is a domain name? Your domain name is the website address that visitors will type into a browser’s URL. For example, A super easy explanation comes from “Internet is basically a giant network of computers connected to e...

A Look at Sales in the Post Pandemic World

Denise Horan - Principal | Integrated Management & Sales Consulting
“When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters – one represents danger; the other represents opportunity.”  - John F. Kennedy Sales professionals have spent decades “out in the field” – building relationships, bonding, reading body language and even entertaining. That all stopped in March of 2020. Everyone was sent home. Of course, we were hoping it was short lived, only a temporary break. Months later we know that many of the changes are permanent, not te...

Four Things to Consider When Putting Your Annual and Quarterly Plans Together

Dan MacIvor - Certified Business Coach | Action Coach
1. Write Them Down Inc. magazine writes that. “You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Writing your goals down not only forces you to get clear on what, exactly, it is that you want to accomplish, but doing so plays a part in motivating you to complete the tasks necessary for your success.” So, block out some time in your calendar to sit down and write out your goals. Make it non-negotiable, like a Doctor’s appointment, and get it done. No excuses. ...

Seek Out Your Staff’s Disabilities – and Strengths

Chip Richardson - Instructor | Griffin Gorge Associates
You are a leader, commanding your team through the difficult times we are always in. Your skills will bring them to achieving new heights for your business or organization. In building your staff, you must select people based on their ability to contribute to the team effort. No person is the perfect over-achiever for all the skills needed for your team, including yourself. Instead, we are human beings with strengths and flaws. You, as a leader, need to build a team that brings the talents of...

Solving the Core Problem

Chip Richardson - Instructor | Griffin Gorge Associates
As a business leader, you are faced with solving problems every day. Most are routine in nature. Some will have far reaching impacts. In either case, to fix the symptom you are looking at, you need to identify the core problem. Years ago, I was a store manager for a national chain. The VP was sitting in an office in Manhattan with about a dozen of us store managers. He was asking how to deal with the plethora of clearance bedding inventory in the stores. Everyone piped up and started making a...

What You Didn’t Learn in Law School Impacts Your Ability to Attract Clients

Denise Horan - Principal | Integrated Management & Sales Consulting
Do you need to attract clients to your legal practice? Unless you have too many clients, you have a marketing problem. Consider the following evidence: Law schools do not teach marketing. You gained a wealth of knowledge as a law student except how to market that expertise to gain clients. While you’re a legal expert, you’re probably clueless about business development. Law firms expect lawyers to bring in new clients. You prove your worth, in part, by bringing in new business. How-t...

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